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Hi Everyone, there has been a few questions about subscribing to the new blog so here’s how.  Simply post a comment to one of the posts and it will ask you for your name and e-mail address.  There wil also be 2 buttons you can click to receive e-mails regarding new posts and comments.  Once you click them and submit your comment you will receive and e-mail confirming your subscription.  From that point on you will be subscribed!

Thank you everyone and happy cooking!


14 thoughts on “Subscribe!

  1. We love our pasta, so I plan to try the broccoli recipe soon. Looks delicious.

    My current fave is quinoa. Great whole grain that has no gluten. Just be sure to rinse well before cooking.

    Keep the great ideas coming!


    1. Hey,
      I haven’t forgotten about quinoa and will be experimenting soon. Share any of your favorite recipes with it if you’d like. I always love to try new things.


  2. Please subscribe me. I look forward to finding the inner-cook in myself…even if it’s far buried at the moment!


    1. Thanks!! Keep me updated on any recipes you try. Also, let me know if there are any recipes that you love but want soom eof the calories & fat cut out, I can try to rework them. Be Well!!


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