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Roast Turkey Breast with Apples and Sweet Potatoes

Roast Turkey Breast with Apples and Sweet Potatoes

Serves 6

Preheat oven 425o

Estimated values per serving:

Calories = 260                      Fat = 3 grams                        Points: 5


2 large sweet potatoes – cut into large pieces

4 apples – skinned and cut into large pieces

2 pounds boneless/skinless  turkey breast or 2 ½ pounds with bone

1 teaspoon thyme

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon marjoram

½ teaspoon chervil


  1. Place potatoes and apples in a large roasting pan in one layer.
  2. Season turkey breast with thyme, salt, marjoram and chervil.
  3. Place turkey breast on top of apples and potatoes.
  4. Roast 45 – 50 minutes in the oven until internal temperature reaches 170o.
  5. Remove turkey breast from pan and cover for 10 minutes before carving.
  6. Place apples and potatoes on a serving platter with carves turkey meat on top and serve.

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