Delicious and Light

Welcome to the new Delicious & Light, I am glad you are here. I started this page a number of years ago when I realized that I could take normal, everyday recipes and make them lighter with less fat, without losing the great taste we love.

So that is the goal. Take may favorite recipes and make them healthier!

You do not have to be a great chef and you do not have to spend huge amounts of time in the kitchen. Each of these recipes (with some exception) are designed to be simple, use everyday ingredients, and can be prepared in minutes…with a healthy twist of course!

Each and every recipe has been tested and tried by my family. Some of the first attempts have been a disaster, but that is the beauty of cooking and cooking healthy…it is fun and you do not have to be perfect. Enjoy, be brave, get your family involved and try your best. In the end, if you share a meal with your family (with no electronics) you will have accomplished a lot!

God bless and Bon Appetite!

What People Say

Hi Dina! Always looking for new recipes! The site looks great!

Robin Rose Andersen
JUNE 3, 2010 AT 12:36 PM EDIT

I was at the B’day Bash last night and the chocolate cupcakes were to die for! The beer flavor was an excellent compliment to the dark chocolate. Any leftovers?

Laura Greenstone
JUNE 5, 2010 AT 5:53 PM EDIT

We love our pasta, so I plan to try the broccoli recipe soon. Looks delicious.
My current fave is quinoa. Great whole grain that has no gluten. Just be sure to rinse well before cooking.
Keep the great ideas coming!

APRIL 8, 2010 AT 7:44 PM EDIT

Let’s Get Cooking Healthy